Andrea V. WRIGHT

On Demand – How Much is Enough? I, 2023

Steel, Cotton, Latex, Fabric Waste, Plastic, Plywood, Pins, Clips, Castors

192 x 82 x 50 cm

On Demand – How Much is Enough? II, 2023

Steel, Cotton, Latex, Fabric Waste, Plywood, Castors

192 x 82 x 50 cm



‘How Much is Enough? I and II’ address the unsustainable surge in demand for “fast-fashion,” considering various aspects such as the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and the mounting textile waste, often shipped to secondary markets in Africa or direct to landfills. The artwork explores questions about the production methods and working conditions involved in creating these products. It also raises concerns about the fate of this overwhelming volume of goods once we no longer require them. Furthermore, Wright aims to encourage accountability among fast fashion brands, expose their greenwashing and human rights violations, and advocate for individual behavioural changes so that we can make a meaningful difference in our purchasing power.

In ‘HMIE I,’ the focus is on depicting the vast quantity of clothing we possess and the fleeting value we ascribe to it. This piece prompts reflection on our consumption habits and attitudes towards fashion.

Conversely, ‘HMIE II’ presents an alternative approach, suggesting that we redirect our innate desire for self-expression and uniqueness, without succumbing to the fashion industry’s hidden agendas or burdening the planet with excessive waste. By doing so, we are encouraged to reconsider our relationship with clothing and explore alternative paths to sustainability.




Materiality is at the heart of Wright’s practice, which utilises found objects, hoarded scraps and fly-tipped detritus alongside raw materials such as latex, steel and wood. She has a background of working with fashion stylists and designers, which feeds into her work through the use of drapery, assemblage and bodily structures. There are multiple voices at play in her work, often expressed in tensions, contradictions and dualities through the collage of the materials she employs. Andrea V. Wright was born in the Wirral and is currently based between Somerset and London, UK.



3 – Good Health and Well-being

5 – Gender Equality

6 – Clean water and sanitation

8 –  Decent Work and Economic Growth

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

14 – Life Below Water