Natalia JANULA

We Facilitate, 2023

Mixed Media

Dimensions Variable



Januła’s work is designed to be a multi-sensory environment, inviting viewers to engage with her artwork on different levels. At the centre are air vacuumed and aluminium “picture panels” with kinetic components. Surrounding the panels are sculptural artworks crafted from a combination of oysters, mobile phone SIM cards, draft wood, resin, salvaged electronics, faux hair and silicone.These submerged elements symbolise the interconnectedness of different aspects of modern life. By immersing these objects in silicone, Janula has created an otherworldly environment that reflects on natural elements with technological artefacts.

As a backdrop, Januła has incorporated a 3D-generated scan of a hybrid creature set to a soundscape generated from collected field recorded artefacts and generative synthesis. This creature serves as one one of the potential representations of the relationship between humans, nature, and technology. By fusing these different elements, Januła aims to challenge and invoke dialogue about the links between industrial innovation and natural preservation. 

Januła’s installation transforms a mundane everyday moment into an unexpected and slightly cynical yet humorous “unit.” It aims to disrupt the humdrum aspects of life and draw attention to the broader global issues. By materialising abstract notions into tangible objects and incorporating wobbly movements, Januła aims to create a sensory experience that prompts viewers to reflect on the irrational and rational aspects of our interconnected world.

This Interactive feature of the installation aims to emphasise the importance of active participation and engagement in Global change.




Natalia Januła (b. Kozienice, Poland) is an artist based in London, she graduated in 2015 with an MFA from Slade School of Art. Her practice is interested in speculative narratives examining the slippage between urban and natural environments, the concept of functionality and ritual, and the exploration of the queer female /body’s positioning within synthetic surroundings – often with an element of levity. Her practice employs a range of technologies and methods, including video, installation, CGI, performance, sculpture, kinetics and sound.  In her  most recent work, there are references to fictional landscapes which are reminiscent of science fiction, folklore and the ethereal. Janula often entertains speculative narratives, chronicling a future scavenger’s travels to forage distant treasure troves, improvising shrines with the materials that they uncover. Janula  often works collaboratively in an effort to build a reciprocal ecosystem with individuals from various disciplines and backgrounds.   Janula’s work has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe including at Union Gallery, New Art Projects, UCL Art Museum, Chalton Gallery, Final Hot Desert, Collective Ending HQ, TBA Academy Embassy, Subsidiary Projects and Xxjira Hii. She also exhibited as part of residencies at Jupiter Woods, Camden Art Centre and Arts Territory.




5 – Gender Equality

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

14 – Life Below Water

17 – Partnerships for the Goals