Marie-Louise JONES

From the Ground Up (i2), 2023

3D printed bioplastic made from recycled industrial waste, organic matter, plants, oak frames



Symbiotic Sculpture #1, 2023

3D printed rPLA, organic matter, plant

Limited Edition of 50




The works are further iterations that build upon a site-responsive commission for the Barbican Centre earlier this year. Responding to the architecture of its iconic residential towers, the 3D printed sculptures explore material efficiency and material practises to think about circularity, ant architecture + superorganism societies, and reworlding from extractivist and capitalist ideologies.


Reimagining the towers as bio-inspired, modular nest sculptures that hybridise living matter and machine-made form, the work also acts as a commentary on a contemporary distorted and artificial relationship with nature in the built environment – contemplating speculative futures of 3D printed construction and a more ethical and symbiotic relationship between the built and the natural worlds.




Marie-Louise Jones is a multidisciplinary artist examining intersections of industry, ecology and emerging technologies. Challenging hierarchies of materials and notions of value she often uses ‘nature’ as a medium or motif to explore laws of polarity and cycles of destruction and renewal. Using formal minimalist traditions with an architectural language she thinks about materials – their properties and possibilities to explore socio-material entanglements in the postindustrial landscape. 




9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

13 – Climate Action