Tanning Eyes, 2023

Epoxy resin, LED lamps, wood, coconut-scented tanning oil

Dimensions Variable




A vividly lit sarcophagus, a room where there is not a main character specified, rather the act of the protagonist is shared, between the atmosphere, the objects, the light, the spectators and the space. Resembling solarium beds and the rib-cage of a body, the organ-shaped element is out in the open rather than concealed under a structure, its fragility.  Who cares for whom? 

The light emanating from the beams can be taken away after exiting the space. The phosphenes that are “gently burned” in our retinas are a momentary reminder of the potentiality of matter. In the cases where it seems ghostly and even immaterial, its power grows stronger as infiltration is rendered easier




Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou (b. Athens, Greece) is a sculptor and multimedia artist based in London. Her work comprises installations with various elements, such as olfactory and edible ingredients, that reach towards the idea of Otherness, disassociation, and care.  Her work has been showcased in various shows in Europe.




3 – Good Health and Well-being

5 – Gender Equality