Cosmic Touch, 2023

Ceramic, stained glass

100 x 100 x 45cm




This piece was inspired by Olga Tokarczuk’s novel “Primeval and Other Times,” where the narrative takes place in the primeval village as an allegory for a microcosm of the world. The work explores the complex relationship and a clash between human progress and the enduring rhythms of the natural world.


As humanity forges ahead, fueled by our insatiable hunger for advancement, we risk losing touch with the fundamental truths woven into the fabric of our existence, we disconnect with the universe, our true inner nature and force. I want to pause, listen to the subtle harmonies between our creations and the primordial forces that persist and are beyond our control.By acknowledging and embracing the complexities of this relationship, we may yet find a path forward—a future where the clash of forces becomes a mutual respect




Katia Kesić was born in Moscow , now lives and works in London. She explores the human body as a memory vessel, collecting traces of her reality as well as her imagination. Processing her intercultural experience and the outer world with a personal inner subjectivity, the artist creates her own mythology. Vessels are often associated with the act of conjuring, thus bearing a connection to rituality. Her sculptural objects non-hierarchically merge various narratives together creating speculative assemblages of different worlds, while their three-dimensionality adds a textural and visceral dimension that grounds her process, experience and work firmly in the present.




3 – Good Health and Well-being

15 – Life on Land