Handprinted linocut, ink on japanese paper.
100 x 100 cm 


Bordeline Love, 2020

Handprinted linocut, ink on japanese paper.
289 x 193 cm 


THE Unforeseen, 2022

Glass and grout on wood
59 x 84 cm




Borderline Love:  Originally created for Marshall’s debut institutional solo exhibition; ‘Cursebreakers’ at the De La Warr Pavilion in collaboration with Flatland Projects in 2021, this is the first piece of a large linocut triptych. The series begins with an ending as ‘Borderline Love’ shows snapshots of a broken relationship. On the top right corner, we see a version of the Green Man, a remnant of old religion that appears on medieval British churches. 


Bloodsport: A reduction lino print showing a scene taking place in an otherworldy realm. A subversion on the idea of cupid’s bow an arrow, ‘Bloodsport’ shows a more deadly take on the archetype. 

The Unforseen: A glass mosaic, showing a mischievous green creature, alluding to ideas of Pan, the god of the wild, but a more slippery, fish like version. In ancient Greek art and mythology, Pan was often depicted as part of the wild and unruly retinue of Dionysus, god of wine and agricultural fertility. The figure holds a wine glass, nodding to this history. Within the glass, a fish appears, similar to that in ‘Bloodsport’. This references the page of cups card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. In the tarot context , the fish in the cup connotes an unexpected happening – ‘the unforeseen’.




Alexi Marshall (b. 1995, London, UK) is a Hastings-based artist who graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2018. She works in print, mosaic and embroidery investigating themes of womanhood, folklore and regeneration.




5 – Gender Equality

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities