Feedback Loop, 2023

Mixed media

Dimensions variable



Daggs’ ‘Feedback Loop’ sound sculpture creates an immersive and engaging experience for individuals. Using rhythmic conversations and aural elements, it encourages emotional and mental well-being through the exploration of music and artistic expression. Once activated by the artist, the sound sculpture becomes an extension of Daggs’ performative practice. This spontaneous improvisational response to the artist’s interference exists within the area of an MCs ‘clash’, a battle between Feedback, delay and human intervention. It serves as an educational tool that fosters collaboration and learning, providing a space for individuals to understand and engage with concepts such as time travel, sampling, loop theory, and the artistic influences of Jimi Hendrix. Through its interactive nature, the sculpture encourages hands-on learning and promotes a deeper understanding of sound and performance art.




Bill Daggs (b. 1981), London, is an artist / archivist / musiker, working across disciplines from his London studio. His rhythmic investigations involve, though are not limited to, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, moving image, text and sonic composition.




3 – Good Health and Well-being

4 – Quality Education