Charlotte DAWSON

Square Stitch
Square Stitch (detail)
Square Stitch (detail)
Square Stitch (detail)
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Square Stitch, 2022

Materials- Water Safe PVC Tubing

600 x 10 x 10 cm



Square Stitch functions as a reminder of the games and crafts we learnt as children and the connection these had to the transferring of knowledge between one another to build community and friendships. In Dawson’s piece, the common ‘scooby’ keyring has been replicated out of scale. Producing a cumbersome sculpture made entirely from water safe PVC tubing. This material choice speaks of the inaccessibility of safe clean water for the world’s population and how having access to this resource would enable people to develop safe and sustainable living environments. This large-scale keyring piece asks us to consider the ramifications of an uncertain future connected to water accessibility and the burden this may cause for children. Including limitations to accessing education, building safe and sustainable communities and a place to call home. With countries seemingly closing the door on the shared responsibility for safe water access for all, amongst growing concerns surrounding the future water crisis.  

Experts have said the world is facing an imminent water crisis, with demand expected to outstrip the supply of fresh water by 40% by the end of this decade. With the UN reiterating the importance of access to this resource. ‘Water is a fundamental part of all aspects of life. Water is inextricably linked to the three pillars of sustainable development, and it integrates social, cultural, economic and political values. It is crosscutting and supports the achievement of many SDGs through close linkages with climate, energy, cities, the environment, food security, poverty, gender equality and health, amongst others.’ – Vision statement UN 2023 Water Conference




Based in Sheffield, Dawson graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2018. She currently holds a studio and emerging artistic practice at S1 Artspace, Sheffield and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the UK. Recent exhibitions include: HERE/THERE, Village Books, Leeds (2022); Objects at play, Middlesbrough Art Weekender – (Collaborative Exhibition with Pippa Eason) (2022); Over-Turned, Reading Room, Sunderland (2022); Ghost-Like Traces, Unit 1 Gallery, London (2022); HERE/THERE, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2022), HERE/THERE, Abingdon Studios, Blackpool (2022). In 2022, Manchester Art Gallery also acquired three of her pieces for their permanent collection.




4 – Quality Education

6 – Clean water and sanitation