Restless, 2023

Grey leather, foam, laser etchings, steel, aluminium, resin, 4″ e-ink 7 colour display, raspberry pi, silver chain, D20, D4, D11, D9.

H 36 x W 25 x D 43 cm

H 36 x W 25 x D 43 cm




“Restless” presents an exploration of the tension between safety and chaos. Through the use of found objects, digital media, and ancient symbols, the piece examines angst and the unpredictable nature of fate. A wall-mounted sculpture, two grey leather headrests, laser etched with Icelandic sigils for protection. Embedded within each headrest is a colour e-ink display, slowly transitioning through dash-cam footage of car crashes in a passive strobe. Suspended from the headrest pillars are a pair of iridescent green metal dice, a D20 and a D4. An exploration of the interplay between the security of the familiar and the sudden disruption of calamity.




Conor Ackhurst (b. 1995, London, England) is a visual artist. He works predominantly in sculpture and installation as well as video, print and performance. Ackhurst creates installations that feature assemblages of found materials framed by structures. These structures frame spaces that are typically considered ‘safe’ for humans, yet they have been condensed in a way that evokes a sense of tension or danger. This simulated world-building acts as a confrontation with potential violence, presenting it as a boundary experience.




3 – Good Health and Well-being

9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure