Byzantia HARLOW

Psilocybin (the sediments of sentiments), 2020

bronze, jesmonite, bio resin, glazed ceramics, flocked fibers, dried and dyed vegetation, diatomaceous earth, sanctified soil and various crystals hand crushed during a full moon ritual to aid intuition.
Dimensions variable



‘The instant I put my head down on it’s surface I felt my awareness expand. The earth bed seemed to be attracting spores, which settled around me. I felt them embed themselves within my  subconscious and begin to take root, like good intentions.

I recalled how we had mapped out our Shadows like they were constellations, scribing them into the ground. This surface was now a portal back to you and out to the cosmos, the darkness containing your fervid light. A place of the in-between and boundaryless, the dissolute and distorted… a space where things are continually in front… out of reach and dissolving into the night.’



Harlow (born 1986 in London) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2015. She is interested in the gap between source and sample, re-assembling these fissures to create veneers of truth – where the effigies may have become more meaningful than the originals. Her long-term interest in alternative societies, groups exploring the spiritual or supernatural and unconventional healing practices informs current work. Her installations ask viewers to take a leap of faith through the door to possible enlightenment and potential disillusionment. Alongside her art practice Harlow works as a Psychic Reader using a Tarot Deck she created.