Thingy #1 – #9, 2019

Elasticated belt, polystyrene beads, stocking net, cardboard, fabric, foam, string, tights, latex, clear PVC, plaster, fake hair, fake sheepskin, fishnet, hessian fabric, tea bag, papier mâché, bodywash net, filling

#1 – 50 cm x 38 cm x 25 cm

#2 – 95 cm x 20 cm

#3 – 165 cm x 70 cm

#4 – 140 cm x 35 cm

#5 – 130 cm x 90 cm

#6 – 160 cm x 45 cm

#7 – 109 cm x 60 cm

#8 – Variable

#9100 cm x 30 cm




‘Thingy’ is a series of nine soft sculptures which explore the concept of Homo consumericus, an individual who consumes recklessly, driving him to a state of inner vacuity, passivity, loneliness, and anxiety. The flaccid shapes often rest on the erected totem and create a tension between being up for instant gratification, at all costs. Growing and deflated by the stimulation of desire triggered by forceful networked consumerism.


The materials used offer different visual textures: veiny, bumpy, sleek or rough in the hope of triggering a visual stimulation. Often of fleshy colours, the fabrics are reminiscent of the skin, because it is the largest organ of our body and its three main functions are sensation, regulation and protection.




Ingrid Berthon-Moine is a French visual artist based in London. Through the use of sculpture, painting and text, her work examines the construction of gender identity and its behavioural consequences in our society. In 2020, she created the online project ‘I Lack it, I Like it’ where she interviews women, who work in various fields of the artistic and creative industries, on their notion of lack.




5 – Gender Equality

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production