Bapou’s Bubbles (FLAT OUT MARK 3), 2023 


Dimensions Variable 


Bapou’s Bubbles (FLAT OUT MARK 3)’ is a return to the ‘Costi Corner’ where collaboration meets caper, and villains meet makers. A ‘Peripatetic Mantra’, the same song of freedom, sung another way, always moving but still the same. The work exists as a hoarder’s trove, lives as a space for social exchange, directed conversations and chance interactions; leading to considered assemblages and surprising results. A ‘Sibling-Ship’ that locks on to other vehicles to refuel and restock, remix and rejig. It may look like a glimpse into a secret social club or a dirty mechanic’s under an arch, in an unknown postcode – “even Uber won’t come round ‘ere”.




John Costi (b.1987) is an artist whose work draws on his Cypriot and Irish heritage, and experience of growing up in London. He creates sculpture, installation, painting and performance. Often improvised and informed by chance, the work lives in the social sphere. He is interested in dismantling hierarchies of the art experience, turning passive audiences into active participants. Costi graduated from Central St Martins MA Fine Art in 2022.




8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

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